Monday, January 25, 2010

Checking In

Are folks having any trouble signing onto the blog, finding texts, and so on? You've got a big block of texts to tackle for this week -- fewer, tho, I fear, than in weeks to come -- but I want us to ease into this comfortably. For tomorrow I expect we'll concentrate our attention on the Krugman piece (which is contemporary, contextualizing, and juicily polemical), the "Economic Possibilities of Our Grandchildren" and "End of Laissez Faire" pieces by Keynes, and "FDR's Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself" and "Economic Royalist" speeches. We'll tackle the remaining texts Thursday, plus I may provide you a bit of more comprehensibly contemporary analysis of the International Trading Union notion before Thursday. Dig in, and by all means play around with the blog and raise your questions and comments as you like.

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