Friday, May 14, 2010

Spontaneous Combustion

As promised here is the short video I made and wrote my paper on. This thing is made of all youtube clips. I had to do quite a bit of After Effects work to get things how I wanted them. I apologize for the crappy quality. Things don't come out of youtube and the go back into youtube well I guess. I hope it makes some sense. You are the target audience as all the jokes are a product of our time spent together. I wasn't there on the last day so let me also take this moment to thank everyone for their contributions to the class. I loved this class! Of course thank you Dale for the "vicissitudes" of stuff and stuff. You are awesome!

Here is a better quality version

Spontaneous Combustion from Travis Steil on Vimeo.


  1. Just like Oliver Twist. Twisted indeed.

  2. I watched this with my breakfast and it was very amusing, nice job.

  3. Magic. The breakfast of champions.


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