Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Class Today

Unseemly secretions and immobilizing symptoms are still the order of the day. So, we're canceled.

The timing's terrible, since it looks like there is real momentum here on the blog. I'll try to generate some surrogate discussion in comments once my head clears a bit. Some great posts here. I'll try to condense two charcoal briquettes' worth of lecture into a shiny condensed diamond to keep us on track on the syllabus Thusday. Be sure to acquaint yourselves with the King and Eisenhower material in addition to the Report -- either supplement provides a good occasion for a precis should they strike anybody's fancy (as they should).


  1. Feel better, Dale. I, myself, have been sneezing and oozing unbecoming fluids out of my body. Coco Chanel would just not approve.


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