Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is Earl Turner Speaking...

From the posting "The Green Movement and the Lies People Believe" on the website "American Militia Project" (the ones who will experience vicarious pleasure when God "cuts'em (us) down.")
...I have said for years that the Gaia cult is really following the communist Marxist agenda of command and control. They are dressing it up real pretty under the lies of saving the planet....

This was all planned out to brainwash you back in the 60s, you can read about it in, The Report From Iron Mountain. The environmental movements, were just one objectives they took out of the Iron Mountain Commission, 1963, Section 7 set the stage for control of people during peace time...
These are probably the same people who think Steven Colbert is actually a conservative pundit.

There is even a "Christian Intelligence Alert Video" on YouTube entitled Iron Mountain - Blue Print For Tyranny. (It has 14 parts and is pretty boring: at least Zeitgeist: The Movie is enjoyable when you watch it while stoned)

I find all this stuff very funny, but its horrifying when you consider that there is a fine line between the wackos and the establishment conservatives. Neo-cons almost never disavow their crazies, but use them to perpetuate misinformation, paranoia, fear, and hate all the while renouncing their responsibility for the violent effects of their discourse.

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  1. It is pretty terrifying when people don't get the joke. I guess an ethical question you can draw from this is: Does the possibility that people won't get the hoax behind a work like Report From Iron Mountain, and may take it to dangerous extremes, mean we should refrain from using such a medium to get a point across? In other words, should the possibility of destructive misinterpretation outweigh the potentially powerful benefits of satire?


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