Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't Forget, EVERYONE Who Has Not Yet Posted A Precis Must Do So Before Our Next Class Meeting

The precis must be a reading of a chapter of The Affluent Society indicating the way in which that chapter contributes to the overall argument of the book, or exemplifies some larger problem in the whole book, or seems to stand in an interesting conversational, illustrative, supplemental, complicating relation to any of the other texts we have read in the course hitherto.

If you have already posted a precis, you need not post another -- although you can do so if you choose -- and if you would prefer to post a precis by next class on some other text or some dimension of a text we have already read but not discussed you can e-mail me to tell me your idea and I will probably approve it... but come what may, everybody else needs to post a precis here by midnight Monday, say, at the latest. Don't put it off.

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