Thursday, March 18, 2010

Futurological FAIL

In the Comments to this post indicate all the specific confident predictions made in The Long Boom which seem to you to have failed to materialize. One failure per Comment, please. If you notice more than one failed prophetic utterance, indicate each in a separate Comment. Quote, don't paraphrase, the prediction, and provide a page number on which it can be found. Consider this an extra credit assignment in addition to being good, clean fun.

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  1. Pg 175: "The first decade of the twenty-first century is likely to see a technological free-for-all as the competing auto companies and some savvy newcomers like Ballard scramble to find the secret formula that will become the standard for cars."

    Granted, a lot of money has been put into advancing new forms of automotive energy by auto-makers in the last few years. However, it would appear, by looking at most trends in the auto-industry, the focus in the first decade of this new century went mainly to larger more luxurious vehicles (e.g. the Cadillac Escalade, the SUV madness of the early aughts). The last few years have seen widespread advances put forward in the avenue of fuel efficiency, but we're all mainly using petroleum to fuel our cars. As far as I can tell, there hasn't been any technology "Scramble" to find the new auto-fuel technology that will forever change the market. In fact, we seem to have followed the standard pattern we have always, to revert to the luxuries of personal taste as times "get good."


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