Sunday, April 18, 2010

Party People

Discussion of end-of-term community carousing can take place here. I cannot recall whether folks converged on the idea of combining feasting with our optional movie nights over RRR or were leaning toward a meeting in a bar or some other such thing afterward. It would probably be better to discuss your options and inaugurate your plans here online rather than in another in-class scrum. I hope you're having a fine weekend and are well on your way to firming up your plans for final papers, getting your precises out the way, reading the couple of texts remaining to us, and so on.


  1. I'm down with a Blakes or Henry's situation.

  2. Because some people may not be 21, I think we should do both a potluck type of deal maybe during the movie in RRR week and then also a bar type situation! What do you all think of doing both? Write back so I can get planning!!

  3. raleigh's happy hour is a win for the following reasons:

    1) they don't check i.d.'s during the day
    2) they have a large patio which is nice in the spring
    3) cheap(ish) pitchers


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